Colisión - S/T Bundle

  • Colisión - S/T Bundle

Colisión - S/T Bundle

Shipping mid August.

New Colisión shirt to celebrate the 2nd press of their s/t 7".
Design by Andreina Pérez @andylamuertee
Printed on white Gildan Heavy
Preorder only.

Colisión are a hardcore punk from Valencia, Spain blending the sounds of raw diy Columbian punk with the fizzy stomp you can find in Exit Order and on occasional groove of youth crew the likes of Righteous Jams. This has it all, it has attitude, it's got the riffs and it's got real genuine anger and passion in the vocals and the lyrics. This is their first e.p and what a way to enter! Till now they've only released the single La guardia alta earlier this year which you can find on this record.

Here's what they have to say about themselves:
Colisión is a LGBT band and we like to think of us as a band made by/for women and dissident sexualities or identities. With our songs we try to reflect our feelings and experiences as women and part of the LGBT community and the hostilities that we have to face on our daily lives. Hostility against hostility.

Pressing info:
First press: 250 x black
Second press: 275 x seafoam green w/ pink splatter