Group Therapy 7"

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Group Therapy 7"

Crew Cuts Records doesn’t need to go to the damn gym to start 2023 – they are flexing their muscles and bringing the big gains via the Group Therapy compilation 7”.
8 previously unreleased hardcore ragers. With a couple of different sleeve designs from our pal Krime (@krime_1) and Katie Burke (@dogbitesback). You got Consolation, Skrewball, Gel, Spaced, The Dweebs, Dry Socket, Last Gasp and Placid all on one wax disc. This is a limited run of records so if you’re a fan of any of the bands previous material, like what we’re doing at Crew Cuts, or are new to the Crew Cuts sound and wanna see what we’re all about, grab a copy. These sweet little packages aren’t sitting about for too long.
- Hamish

Pressing info:
200 in Krime sleeve 
70 in Dog Bites Back sleeve (Crew Cuts mail order only)
all pressed on black vinyl. 

Track listing:
Consolation - Gonna Explode 
Gel - Restrictive Tendency 
The Dweebs - No Way 
Spaced - Away
Dry Socket - Out Of Reach 
Last Gasp - Sounds Like A You Problem 
Placid - Superstition 
Skrewball - Prison Island

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