LAST GASP - The Storied Weight of It All 12"

  • LAST GASP - The Storied Weight of It All 12

LAST GASP - The Storied Weight of It All 12"

The Storied Weight of It All 12”
We’re highly stoked to announce to the release of LAST GASP’s new full length, The Weighted Story of It All. If you followed Youth Crew/hardcore in 2020 you probably came across the Cleveland, Ohio based band and one of their SIX releases from that year and are aware of just how much they completely rule. TWSOIA follows on from their rock solid (and quickly sold out) Spy vs Spy split with hardcore stompers WHO DECIDES and takes their sound to a much more fuller and wholly realised level. They’ve taken their PANIC/ALLEGIANCE inspired hardcore and slammed their foot on the gas – wound it even tighter, made it relentlessly aggro, and kept it fast as fuck. Flawless songwriting which gives ya both fury and fun, but not in a goofy way, I’m talking – getting insanely pumped on some hardcore that sounds like the freshest take on the genre in a while. Obvious from the first track I was a teenage maniac, which lays out the LAST GASP plan from the start and effortlessly fuses crossover thrash, classic Youth Crew stomp, melodic riffage, and pummelling blast beats all in one song. In the 16 minutes nothing feels forced and it’s fucking cool to hear a band raging so hard with such an obvious love of FAST HARDCORE. I’m pretty stoked about people hearing this one. It feels pretty special. Every listen reveals new gems - the bass solo on nowhere 2 b found or the crucial drums fills in only jokes, and whether or not you’ve been into hardcore 20+ years or 2 weeks, The Weighted Story Of It All is gonna get you pumped. You’ll be screaming, till your lungs collapse, LAST… FUCKING… GASP!!!

Split release with Dropping Bombs Records (US). One sided 12” Vinyl.

Pressing info:
164 trans red w/ silver screen printed B side
169 trans red w/ black screen printed B side
87 clear w/ black screen printed B side
83 clear w/ red screen printed B side
21 Test Presses

For cassette Version City Blues have got 75 in white and 25 in silver.

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