Goon - Natural Evil LP

  • Goon - Natural Evil LP

Goon - Natural Evil LP

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Hardcore for the freaks from Denver, U.S.A
Here's what Convulse records have to say about it:

Goon presents Natural Evil: 18 minutes and 25 seconds of pure, unfiltered psychedelic smoke and mirrors. A paradox of clean and dirty; order through chaos. An auditorial smack in the face from the white gloves of God. A wake up call, or more-so a sentiment on everyday being at the end of this dismal decade.

Life is better than ever in the facade, but like all things new and shiny, eventually the world cracks, things decay, and the truth is shown for what it is...a putrid stench leaks out from where reality ends and illusion begins.

Some people are just normal and some people just ain’t rite.

Pressing info:
400 on black
100 mustard yellow (Convulse Records mailorder exclusive)